Liane Holliday-Willey, EdD

Liane Holliday-Willey, EdD is an internationally-renowned author, keynote speaker on autism spectrum conditions, communications, and learning diversity.

At 35, Liane was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and just like that, her life zoomed into focus. She became passionate about refocusing her interests on diversity training. Knowing what it is like to be intelligent, but nonetheless struggles with multi-tasking, organization, social skills, sensory integration, literal thinking, anxiety and rigid thinking patterns. Her presentations take audiences on a whirlwind tour of how challenging it can be to survive and thrive in a society that doesn’t easily accept those who are different. Relying on her education, her quick wit, a healthy dose of not taking herself too seriously, Liane helps her audience better appreciate their clients, co-workers and customers who walk a path just beyond the mainstream. Participants will come away with ideas that will help them build an effective atmosphere for improving relationships across all lines of diversity.

Liane holds a doctorate of education with a specialty in psycholinguistics and learning style differences. She has experience as a university professor, writer, manure scooper, French fry maker, community volunteer, wife, and mother.

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